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As well as creating our own shows and events, WraithStation also works in partnership with other creators and organisers to help take their projects to the next level.  All our partnerships are completely tailored - how much and what we help with is completely up for discussion - so whether you're simply looking for advice or marketing support, or an event completely organised and ran by us, read on!

Here are some of the services we can offer:

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Gameplay Design

We can bring your ideas to life by coding custom datapacks including unique minigames, custom advancements, moving camera systems, and much more!

Map Design

We can build sets, studios and arenas to fit the branding and themes of the project.  We have experience in a range of tools including WorldEdit and Axiom.

Server Management

The project can be hosted and ran on the servers we use, with worlds and plugins set up and managed by us.

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Player Management

We can scout creators to get involved with your project, do outreach, manage application forms, and help get players organised before and during production.

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We can create trailers, websites, posters, graphics, thumbnails and much more, as well as promote the project via our Discord community, social channels and beyond.

and more!

If there's other specific support you feel the project needs, whether that's a presenter, video editing, sound effects, or anything else - let us know in your application!


   Press the arrows at the side of this panel to cycle through questions.   

   What is WraithStation looking for in a partner?   

We are looking for partners who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and above all, open-minded and flexible to new ideas.


Interested in a partnership?  Just fill in the form linked below.

Applying here is not a commitment to a partnership with us.  We will review your proposal internally, and, if we think the idea has potential and is a good fit for WraithStation, contact you for further discussions.  We can then work together to ensure the project meets the needs of all parties, and decide whether we mutually wish to move forwards.

We aim to reply to all applications.

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